Advancing the conversation from talk to action. With help from our partners, Cause Beautiful is able to meet some of the tangible needs of our community as well as the creative ones.   


As storytellers we have a responsibility that stretches beyond our camera. It stretches into the lives of those who welcome us in to tell their stories.
— Jonathan Fambrough, Videographer


Babu Hingmang first met videographer Jonathan Fambrough in 2006 when Fambrough was working on a short film spotlighting undiscovered heroes in the world who are giving their lives to help those in need.  In the short time with Babu, Fambrough found him to be a man that absolutely embodies the passionate, sacrificial sort of spirit of those who are making a credible, critical impact, one life at a time.

On April 25, 2015 a 7.8 magnitude earthquake shook Nepal. For over two decades Babu has been working with women and children in isolated regions, walking form his home in Kathmandu to provide for them. After the earthquake he reached out. He had 10 families that were in need of shelter.

Thanks to our partners at Khusi Hona who are working diligently in Nepal, we were able to provide 10 tarps that will house the families until permanent structure can be rebuilt. Big shout out to founder Matthew Van Rooyen who made the connection possible. For more information as well as updates, check out 'Here Is Why'.

College Bound

De'Qonton Davis is 17 and a junior in high school in St. Petersburg Florida. He's been doing photography and visual storytelling since he was in elementary school. De'Qonton meet Cause Beautiful's Director of All Things Good, Luanne Dietz, when she was teaching at John Hopkins Middle School.

De'Qonton's 8th grade year, under Dietz's instruction, he lead a team of middle schoolers in creating a video report for the PBS Student Reporting Labs called Fighting Chance which focused on the drop out crisis in America and how he feels that the root of it starts in the home. His story gained national attention and was broadcast on the PBS Newshour.  

Since then, De'Qonton was a part of the inaugural W.H.Y. Project and is a bright kid pulling A's in Math, Science and Photography, his 3 favorite subjects. He's hoping to go to the University of Florida to pursue digital media.

Last semester De'Qonton struggled a bit and barely passed Spanish. Because of that, he was unable to enroll in a second semester which makes him ineligible to attend a 4 year university if he doesn't complete two years of a foreign language.

Thanks to our partners at Codestarter, De'Qonton now has a new computer and is enrolled in Florida Virtual school which will allow him to finish his Spanish credits outside of school and still keep a 4 year college as an option. He's determined. He has a very generous tutor who has been helping him along the way and an amazing team of photographers in the St. Pete area who are rooting for him. We're excited to see what he creates in the future and how he puts his love for digital storytelling to good use.