The W.H.Y. Project empowers a generation through photography and storytelling to create change in their communities as well as in their own lives. You have a voice, we want to see it. 


I notice beauty when something makes me want to look twice.
— Danna Laynas, 16 years old #WeHearYouSF

Broken into project sites based on location, students partner with local media organizations and professional mentors to speak out on behalf of socioeconomic issues within their communities.  By providing training in both mobile photography technique as well as story development and editing, the W.H.Y. Project focuses on the individual and what they have to say to the world.

Using the camera on the iPod Touch along with the creation platform of Hipstamatic, we are creating a sustainable form of self expression that brings confidence and provides understanding.

San Francisco

According to the California Department of Education, more than eight out of 10 students statewide who started high school in 2009-10 graduated with their class in 2013.

"For the first time in our state's history, more than 80 percent of our students are graduating," said State Schools Chief Tom Torlakson.

Using iPod Touch’s, students from Life Learning Academy who are dedicated to overcoming their challenging past and creating a future, will tell their stories through still, square images.



According to past Oakland Superintendent Tony Smith, the graduation rate for Oakland Unified School district is at 62.6 percent. Although this is two percent above last years rate, the number is still low in comparison to the state average which is 78.5, according to the California Department of Education.

Students from Coliseum College Prep Academy have partnered up with KDOL's Media Enterprise Alliance and The W.H.Y. Project to bring you a look inside social justice as they see it in their community.


Tampa Bay

In a recent study released by the “Voices for Florida,” it was stated that about 924,000 kids collectively in the state of Florida live below the poverty line.

15 students in 12 days, conceptualized a story that mattered to them in their community, made contacts, gathered footage AND produced short films using an iPod Touch that gives you a glimpse into life as they see it.




Become A Mentor

Whether you are a photographer, educator, business mind or tech guru, your experience matters. By using your story and your background to empower change in the lives of students, you Cause Beautiful. 

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