From idea to final production, 15 students in 12 days took to the streets of Tampa Bay to produced multimedia stories using only an iPod touch.


The best thing I learned was using an iPod is much better than a camera to take out with you because you can tweet and take pictures and post them any where you want.
— De'Qonton Davis, 16 years old #WHYTB

Following the project, one of our street teams was invited to be a guest on the local police radio show to talk about their story on home invasions, and crime prevention in their neighborhoods. A second team was spotlighted internationally by PBS and NPR for their story on the environment and water preservation.

At the end of camp, the students were excited to find out that because of their hard work they were able to keep their iPod touches so that they can continue telling stories.

Diving Toward a Dream

DeVon Ware, Kasamba Koykai and Jumanne Koykai of team Shark Bite, meet up with Jim Igler of the Florida Aquarium to tell the story of the man inside the tank. From marine enthusiast to full time staff at the Florida Aquarium, Jim has dedicated his life to educating others on the importance of Marine Science.

Barber Boyz

Vinson Melvin, Anthony Stokes and Elijah Robinson take to the streets of South St. Petersburg to find out the story behind the Barber Boyz of Esquire Barber shop. Each summer, middle school students are mentored by the barbers and are encouraged to stay in school and become better men.

Broadway Bound

Tucker DeGregory, Imani Lassiter, and Asianna Williams, took to the streets of St. Petersburg Florida and New York City to tell the story of a 14 year old boys dream to be on Broadway. Tucker has been training all his life for his big break, and when he found out about an open casting call for “The Newsies” he saw it as his chance.

Fitness Father

Latavia Nelson, Ken’Shara Kalhoun and Dakotah Hass take to the streets of south St. Pete to tell the story of Andre Hudson, a personal trainer who has dedicated his life to making the life of his athletes better.

De’Qonton Davis and Antwoine Reid of Team Buttabean decided to tell the story of home invasions in South St. Pete. The students got the idea since both of them have had their home broken into, and they see it as a major issue in their neighborhood. From victims to police, the students tell the full story surrounding the issue.